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At Eagle Advisory Group of Arizona, our team is dedicated to providing pre- and current retirees with the proper tools and education needed to help create an enjoyable retirement.

In your retirement years, you should be able to enjoy your time without fear of income loss due to market downturns, or inflation. We provide our clients with added peace of mind during their retirement years, taking pride in serving each client individually and giving back to our community.

Our goal is to empower Americans planning for their retirement to take control of their hard-earned savings.


Mark is committed to providing his clients and community with uncompromising integrity and service. His long-term goal is to help clients reach their full retirement potential.

Mark is also the chapter president of the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) of the Tempe region. AFEA, a non-profit educational speakers bureau, strives to create and maintain a national presence of excellence through its membership.

Mark has been a resident of Arizona for over 50 years, growing up in Yuma and attending Northern Arizona University. Married for 38 years, Mark and his wife have three children and four grandchildren. He has always been active in his community, coaching little league and Babe Ruth League, as well as sponsoring these programs. Mark has also been actively involved in programs at his church, teaching in-home Bible study, as well as fifth grade overdrive.

Americans today are overwhelmed by government bailouts, the invasion of the IRS, the volatility of the stock market, taxes that can erode their savings, and endless government regulations. Most Americans believe that you have to tolerate risk in the market to achieve a good retirement. This is just not always true.

We cannot control areas of the financial world such as Wall Street, the stock market, or the recession, but we should try to control the areas of our retirement that we can like tax and risk strategy. Our team at Eagle Advisory Group of Arizona provides clients with personalized retirement strategies and helps eliminate the hidden obstacles in retirement.

Our Services Include

  • Social Security

    In retirement, there are two common gaps in Social Security: the death of a spouse and working income versus retirement income. To help close those common gaps, Mark can help you:

    • Properly file for Social Security benefits.
    • Potentially maximize the amount you’re eligible for.
    • Avoid the most common mistakes people make when claiming their benefits.
    • Find out how much income you can make and still draw Social Security.
    • Discover how Social Security can be taxed.

  • Estate Planning

    Mark uses estate planning strategies that may help minimize estate taxes and help prepare for incapacity or chronic illness, including the “Guardian Trio” documents:

    1. Living Will
    2. Health Care Power of Attorney
    3. Financial Power of Attorney

  • Annuities

    Mark can help you understand what an annuity is and how it can provide you with supplemental income. Whether it’s an immediate or deferred annuity, fixed or indexed, he’ll walk you through the differences between them, including what the minimum guarantees and fees are, and help you decide which is best for your individual situation.

  • IRAs

    With Mark, you’ll discover:

    • What an IRA is.
    • How a traditional IRA is different from a ROTH IRA.
    • How to help avoid common IRA mistakes.
    • If IRAs can pass tax-free to your beneficiaries.
    • How an IRA is taxed and regulated by the Federal Government.

  • College Preparation

    Mark can help you understand the cost of college today, how to find and qualify for financial aid, grants, and loans, and how to determine which college is right for you and your children.

At Eagle Advisory Group of Arizona, we are proud partners with several organizations that provide college guidance and educational workshops to the community.

Since the early 1990s, College Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS) has been providing cohesive college solutions for students, parents, and financial professionals nationwide. Their distinct focus is to make pertinent, timely, and practical college planning guidance available, with all strategies, procedures, and insight delivered exclusively from the family’s point of view.

CFS is an experienced consulting firm hired by families to assist with effectively navigating the college preparation and funding maze. Since 1993, CFS has assisted over 20,000 high school students and their families with the often-overwhelming task of preparing and paying for college. At Eagle Advisory Group of Arizona, we are a proud part of the CFS family, and through our Certified College Advisor (CCA), we can assure that you and your student will receive the most comprehensive college preparation in the country.

At CFS and Eagle Advisory Group, our goal is to take all of the concerns, worries, and stresses associated with college planning, from which college to attend, to selection of majors, to career choices, and assist you and your student with receiving the best and most funding available.

Mark Melkowski holds educational seminars on topics ranging from how to use your retirement monies in the most tax-efficient way to financial solutions that will generate the income you need to support your lifestyle throughout your golden years.

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Mark Melkowski

PHONE: 602.793.6493

6101 S. Rural Rd.
# 101
Tempe, AZ 85284


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